Clear DisplayThe large numeric data readings are visible from a distance.
Intuitive MenuOperate your autopilot easily, without the need for extensive manual reading.
Smooth Rotary ControllerMake fine adjustments to your course with ease.
Integrated Turn PatternsA range of integrated turn patterns assist you with fishing, diving, or simply recovering a lost fender.
Dodge FunctionThe dodge function allows you to navigate around obstructions without disengaging your autopilot.
No Drift ModeCombining the power of the autopilot and the GPS via the SimNet network allows you to operate in no drift mode. This counteracts the effect of wind and tide to ensure your track remains straight or true over the ground.
Virtual Rudder FeedbackEliminates the need to fit a rudder position sensor, which saves both time and money on tight installations such as outboards and stern drive boats.
Constant Depth TrackingData shared with the echo sounder over the SimNet network allows the Pilot to follow the line of the seabed, and remain in a constant depth of water.
Advanced Wind SteeringIt's possible for the Pilot to use wind and navigation information, when shared on a network with an IS20 system and chartplotter, to assist you in sailing most efficiently to your destination.
Rate Of Turn ControlEnsures smooth and precise turns regardless of the sea state. Excellent for tacking and gybing of sailboats.
Auto TuningOptimum performance without the need for expert calibration.
Data PagesView vital instrument data on the autopilot controller via the SimNet network.
Fully WaterproofCertified to IPX6 (from front)
Matches IS20 InstrumentsMount the autopilot controller near an IS20 instrument for an aesthetically pleasing result.
SimNet NetworkFeatures two SimNet connections for sharing data across your network. NMEA2000® compatible.

Features :
Clear Display
Intuitive Menu
Smooth Rotary Controller
Integrated Turn Patterns
Dodge Function
No Drift Mode
Virtual Rudder Feedback
Constant Depth Tracking
Advanced Wind Steering
Rate Of Turn Control
Auto Tuning
Data Pages
Fully Waterproof
Matches IS20 Instruments
SimNet Network