The Simrad BSM?3 works with a broad range of Airmar transducers, including its latest wide?angle CHIRP series. These transducers provide a distinct advantage over traditional narrower beam angles when looking for targets in the upper water column – making the new transducers a perfect fit for targeting pelagic species. With a wider coverage area fish targets are easier to see, appearing larger and more distinct than ever before. Wide beam transducers also search a larger section of the bottom, making it easier to find structures and track the seafloor.

Combine any Ultra Low/Low frequency CHIRP transducer with any Medium or High frequency transducer, to best mark the species you’re targeting and the typical depths you’re fishing in. The wide range of compatible transducers means you can customize the frequency ranges, output power, and mounting style for any sportfishing application.

With the ability to use up to an 8X scroll speed, BSM?3 presents larger fish targets than competing echosounders. Combined with the Simrad BSM?3’s industry leading target separation and clarity, the BSM?3 offers a critical advantage when deep?water fishing.

The BSM-3 has a rugged die-cast aluminium housing, with IPX6-waterproof access cover for transducer wiring. Waterproof cable glands are included for use with bare-wire transducers, but new factory-fitted external connectors mean that with Airmar’s latest range of transducers, installation is as simple as plugging in a cable – no need to open the access cover at all.

The BSM?3 is optimised for the Simrad HEROiC user interface, and is fully compatible with Simrad Yachting’s range of multifunction displays*. With the HEROiC interface, you can immediately see how your adjustments will affect the sonar image. Find the best settings for your sportfishing needs, faster and easier than ever before.

* The BSM?3 is compatible with Simrad NSS, NSS evo2, NSE, NSO, and NSO evo2 series, with latest software updates installed. Some UI features unavailable on NSE and NSO Offshore models.

Features :
Dual Channel CHIRP with Ultra?Low, Low, Medium, or High Frequencies, to suit your style of fishing and the species you target
Industry leading target separation and clarity make the echosounder image easier to interpret
Easy to install: Transducer connectors on housing minimize installation complexity
Easy to Use: Automatic settings optimized for everyday performance; manual settings for finer tuning
Compatible with Wide Angle Transducers, with wider cone?angles for greater coverage of the water column