Mercury 1650 Racing Sterndrive – The 1650 is based on the same four valve technology with quad cams and dry sump efficiency as its consumer siblings. Larger turbochargers, packed with an improved compressor wheel design, provide greater airflow for enhanced power and torque. The 9.0 liter quad cam four valve (QC4v) cylinder block and head design, combined with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), provides big power with luxury-car-like drivability. The DTS system also features one- touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization, as well as shadow mode for triple or quad engine applications (where two throttle levers operate all engines). Zero Effort Digital controls provide an intuitive control experience – precisely signaling driver intent to the potent powerhouses.

The 1650 is close-cooled for more uniform temperature distribution, optimal running quality and longer life. Closed cooling, combined with a ball bearing supported compressor shaft, enhances 1650 turbocharger performance and durability as well.

Offshore racers will appreciate Mercury Racing's proprietary pulse-separated exhaust tuning which keeps turbos “spooled up,” virtually eliminating throttle lag and low-end torque deficit.

Crankshaft-rated Horsepower 1650 (1230 kW)
Full Throttle RPM Range 6500-6800
Displacement Liter/CID 9.0/552
Bore (in/mm) 4.57/116
Stroke (in/mm) 4.21/107
Compression Ratio 7.8:1
Cylinders V-8
Alternator (amp/watt) 105/1481
Controller PCM distributorless
Fuel System Sequential Fuel Injection
Fuel Requirements 112 AKI Sunoco Supreme or equivalent race fuel
Transmission Mercury Racing dry-sump hydraulic
Drive Unit Dry-sump M8
Gear Ratio Application dependent (contact Mercury Racing for additional information)
Length (in/mm) 26.69/678
Width (in/mm) 34/864
Height (in/mm) 29/737 (from crankshaft centerline)
Weight (lbs/kg) 1720/782
Warranty None*

*This product is highly specialized and produced in limited quantities for sale, without warranty, to qualified powerboat racing professionals.