MERCURY 350 HP SCI VERADO – Verado is a masterpiece of outboard reliability, fuel efficiency, and kick-in-the-pants performance. Created to deliver the most intuitive ride on water, it offers class-leading fuel efficiency and nearly silent operation without compromising a single lick of power. For unbeatable racing performance, the Verado 350 SCi combines the brains of Verado with the brawn of Mercury Racing. No matter how or why you take to the water, no other outboard delivers like Verado.

Designed and assembled by Mercury Racing, this 350-horsepower in-line six-cylinder supercharged engine is your ticket to the sweetest setup on the water. With its electronically controlled sequential multi-port fuel injection and four-valve-per-cylinder, double-overhead cam design, you get rocket-like planing for a hole-shot you wouldn't believe … until you experience it for yourself.


Precise Control

  • Verado's exclusive Mercury Power Steering system eliminates steering torque which helps reduce driver fatigue and improve confidence at the helm. 
  • The SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) System delivers precise, instantaneous throttle response, and smooth shifting by eliminating the hesitation of traditional mechanical cable systems.

High Performance Top Cowl

  • Cool air intake for powerhead/components: Custom intake at the top of the cowl forces air through to the top of the flywheel. A flywheel fan disperses air around the powerhead and components to regulate under cowl temperature.
  • Cool air intake for supercharger: A functional air scoop mounted on the front of the cowl delivers fresh outside air through the air intake attenuator and into the supercharger. The air feeding the supercharger is virtually the same ambient temperature as it entered the engine – enhancing the supercharger efficiency for maximum engine power and performance.
  • Mercury Racing graphics: Features the Mercury Racing “M” icon, Engineered by Mercury Racing stamp of excellence. The SCi logo comes from Mercury Racing's popular supercharged sterndrive engine family.


  • All new cylinder head: New design for enhanced durability.
  • Custom exhaust valves: Race derived to for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Camshaft: Custom lobe profile (intake & exhaust) and Mercury Racing derived cam timing for enhanced power and torque.
  • Supercharger: Custom rotor profile for enhanced supercharger efficiency.
  • Pistons: Mercury Racing derived piston profile and custom piston ring pack for enhanced durability and performance
  • Piston Cooling Jets: For enhanced piston durability.

AMS (Advanced MidSection)

  • Sand cast driveshaft housing for added strength & durability.
  • Modified exhaust tube: relieves engine back-pressure for enhanced power & performance
  • Heavy-duty trim pin & steering head: Made of high load bearing – impact resistant fiber material for enhanced durability in extreme offshore conditions.
  • Stainless Steel Guide Plates: Mercury Racing designed stainless steel midsection guide plates with fiber wear pads enhance engine stability at higher speeds and in rough seas.
  • High Performance Engine Mounts: Designed in conjunction with Mercury's exclusive Advanced MidSection for minimal Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) at idle.


  • All-New Design: All new hydrodynamic shape and size. 1.75:1 gear ratio.
  • Silver Paint: Painted silver to match Mercury Racing's popular Torque Master & Fleet Master gearcases.
  • Heavy-duty propeller shaft: Large diameter (1-1/4″) shaft for enhanced durability. 25% larger than conventional shafts.
  • Heavy-duty Bearing Carrier: Billet aluminum for enhanced durability.
  • Larger diameter gears with straight-cut teeth for enhanced strength & durability.

VesselView – Race Edition

  • Trim Tabs: The 350 SCi enabled to display trim tab position via Mercury Racing's new VesselView Race Edition monitor.
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor: Enables fuel pressure display via VesselView Race Edition.
  • Power Steering & DTS: Electro-hydraulic power steering and SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift provide for an exceptionally smooth and responsive driving experience combined with sports car-like handling and performance.