Mercury Optimax 90 HP – There's more than one reason why OptiMax is a world best seller.

We can talk about leading edge fuel economy, durability, unbeatable performance, the only industry 3 year factory Corrosion Warranty or Mercury Marine's leading 3+2=5 YEAR engine Warranty, or our extensive network of Specialist Marine Dealers.

But when all's said and done The Truth Is The Proof.

Take a look at the facts. Better still, for the ultimate proof, take an OptiMax out on the water. Head to head against even our nearest competitor, you'll quickly discover why OptiMax is all the proof you need.

True Acceleration. True Speed.

11% quicker than Evinrude E-TEC™*

When it comes to true acceleration, it's all about power to weight. The OptiMax range combines lightweight, compact design with state-of-the art, direct-injection technology to produce optimum performance on the water.

Thanks to an exclusive low pressure two-stage direct-injection process, a burst of air and fuel are mixed together forcing a fine mist of microscopic, atomised fuel and air particles directly into the cylinder. The particles burn quicker, cleaner and more completely.

So right from the time you start it up, OptiMax is quickest out of the hole, every time. Head to head with the Evinrude E-TEC, the OptiMax direct-injected outboard accelerates 11% quicker.

* Comparative tests by Mercury Marine R&D Department conducted May 2007 on a Lund Fisherman 1800 accelerating from 0-32 km/h (0-20mph) using an OptiMax 150hp and an Evinrude E-TEC 150hp. 

7.3 km/h faster than Evinrude E-TEC**

For over 70 years Mercury Marine has proven time and time again, why we're #1 on the water. Once again, in head to head challenges, OptiMax consistently produces top speeds that are not just test proven, but race proven.

** Comparative tests by Mercury Marine R&D Department conducted Jan 2010 on a Triton TR-18 Pro 18' Bass Boat using a Mercury OptiMax 150hp Pro XS (Top Speed 94.5 km/h (58.7mph)) and an Evinrude E-TEC 150hp HO (Top Speed 87.2 km/h (54.2mph)).

True Economy.

15% better fuel economy than Evinrude E-TEC*

Superior technology means better efficiency – right across the range

  • Direct Fuel Injection technology improves combustion
  • Air compressor provides air for maximum combustion and efficiency
  • Digital inductive ignition system ensure smooth starting
  • The ECM (Electronic Control Module) electronically controls the engine by monitoring input sensors to adjust for changing conditions, ensuring optimum efficiency

All this means less time at the bowser and more time on the water. Once again, the Truth Is The Proof.

At best cruise (46.6km/h) Mercury OptiMax delivers 15% better fuel economy than Evinrude E-TEC.*

 * Comparative tests by Mercury Marine R&D Department conducted Jan 2010 on a Triton TR-18 Pro 18' Bass Boat. At a cruising speed of 46.6km/h (29mph) Mercury OptiMax 150hp Pro XS recorded 2.72 km/l (6.4mpg) and Evinrude E-TEC 150hp HO recorded 2.38 km/l (5.6mpg).

True Reliability.

Tested like no other outboard

The ultimate test of an engine's worth is reliability. Used for extended periods, at wide-open throttle in harsh salt water and extreme sunlight, truly tests what you're made of.

At Mercury, we test our engines mercilessly and use those results to make them even more reliable – The tougher the test, the tougher the engine.

Our engines are put through tests such as vicious log strikes, saltwater spray booths, high humidity chambers and hot and cold water temperatures.

That's just phase one of the torture. Next we run each engine rigorously for thousands of hours to prove it can stand the test of time. In fact, whatever you put the engine through, you can rest assured, we've already done it.

Once again, the Truth Is The Proof:

  • Exclusive low pressure two-stage Direct-Injection that's just 80psi
  • Unique Electronic precision and control powered by a Motorola processor, monitors 64 functions – includes Engine Guardian Protection System
  • The only 3 year Corrosion Warranty in the Marine Industry
  • Automatic new engine run in mode
  • 60-amp alternator for marine electronics