Based off the quad cam four valve (QC4v) engine platform, the 1,100 horsepower engine shares all of the creature comforts of its game changing sibling; the 1350.

Compared to the 1075 SCi, it has a little more power and a lot more torque. In fact – big torque and power runs in the family. The 1100 pumps out 1,100 lb-ft of torque from 2500 to 5250 rpm (more than the 1200 SCi!) – and delivers 1,100 horsepower at its 6,500 rpm red line. All of this power and torque comes from 89 posted octane (R+M)/2, (95 RON, global) pump gas. The 1075 SCi and competitive engines with like power ratings require a minimum 91 posted octane. Like the 1350, the 1100 complies with EPA and CARB exhaust gas emissions limits.


At first glance, one may not notice the subtle differences between the 1350 and the 1100. The most noticeable physical difference is the use of foam air intake filters in place of the carbon fiber turbo inlets that come standard on the 1350. Another styling/functional queue: A single throttle body and an adjacent idle balance tube replace the dual throttle bodies of a 1350. The throttle body, fuel regulator and intake runners, hidden behind a carbon fiber front cover on the 1350, are in full view on the 1100 – a technological birthmark of the younger QC4v sibling.

A carbon fiber top cover helps protect the electronics and provide a place for the Mercury Racing M logo, power decals and wiring reference (underside).


Carbon Fiber KitAn optional accessory kit, featuring port and starboard carbon fiber turbo inlets and front cover, is available for those who prefer style over the look of technology. Owners have the option to customize the front cover with their boat builder logo.


The 1100's fuel calibration is new due to configuration differences, but function is very similar. It shifts just as sweetly and throttles just as effortlessly as the 1350. Both engines feature an integrated, water-cooled twin turbo exhaust system. The digitally modulated boost control is employed to handle the engines' massive, flat torque line. And both are drive-by- wire. The 1100 and 1350 share the same electronically shifted transmission.

The 1100 comes standard with the dry-sump NXT1 SSM drive with gear ratios from 1.15.1 to 1.42:1. The M8 drive, standard on the 1350, is required when the application calls for 1.5:1 or 1.7: 1 gear ratios.

With 10 color options available and four different components that can be painted — Induction & Exhaust, Base Engine, Transom, and Drive —owners can mix and match to create literally thousands of different custom color combinations.

The 1100 is backed with a one year limited warranty for recreational boating.