The 1650 is based on the same four valve technology with quad cams and dry sump efficiency as its consumer siblings. Larger turbochargers, packed with an improved compressor wheel design, provide greater airflow for enhanced power and torque. The 9.0 liter quad cam four valve (QC4v) cylinder block and head design, combined with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), provides big power with luxury-car-like drivability. The DTS system also features one- touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization, as well as shadow mode for triple or quad engine applications (where two throttle levers operate all engines). Zero Effort Digital controls provide an intuitive control experience – precisely signaling driver intent to the potent powerhouses.

The 1650 is close-cooled for more uniform temperature distribution, optimal running quality and longer life. Closed cooling, combined with a ball bearing supported compressor shaft, enhances 1650 turbocharger performance and durability as well.

Offshore racers will appreciate Mercury Racing's proprietary pulse-separated exhaust tuning which keeps turbos “spooled up,” virtually eliminating throttle lag and low-end torque deficit.

  • Mercury's latest Propulsion Control Module (PCM), featuring Mercury Racing developed software, is the brain behind the brawn. Turbocharger boost is variable. A boost control valve, electronically activated by the PCM microprocessor, continuously adjusts the amount of boost needed to provide consistent horsepower – even when operating in sub-optimal running conditions and limited higher altitude environments.
  • The engine's ability to provide a consistent horsepower in any condition or locale eliminates the hassle of re-propping the boat to match conditions. The PCM also enables individual cylinder control. This ability to optimize fuel and spark timing independently for each cylinder enhances engine running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability. The use of eight independent ignition coils, one per cylinder, helps eliminate spark plug fouling.
  • The PCM also drives Mercury Racing's exclusive Engine Guardian System. Engine Guardian monitors engine functions to forewarn of possible problems that could lead to engine damage. This “smart” technology not only detects and alerts the boater of a problem; it processes the data and reduces power to a maximum, safe level that allows the boater to continue operation with lower risk of engine damage. Engine Guardian also has the ability to proactively help prevent engine overheat damage by sensing not only engine temperature but also cooling water pressure. By sensing water pressure and temperature, the system can provide advanced warning to the PCM, which then reduces engine power before temperature related engine damage takes place.
  • The 1650 comes equipped with a 105 amp charging system (50% more output than competitors' models) – providing an ample supply of power for an array of marine electronics.
  • When the 1350 was being developed, it didn't take long to realize a larger, stronger drive was needed to handle the massive torque capabilities of the QC4v platform. Thankfully, the new drive was built to take that on and then some. The M8 drive and hydraulic transmission are designed to handle the 1650's high torque and power levels – as well as endure treacherous offshore duty cycles. At the same time, the transmission, designed specifically for SmartCraft DTS, delivers smooth and consistent shifts.
  • The surface-piercing M8 gearcase, inspired by the legendary dry-sump Six drive, is two inches shorter to complement the lower engine profile. Lowering engine mounting in a boat results in a lower center of gravity for improved boat handling and overall performance; it also provides more flexibility in boat hatch styling. The M8 drive features the race-inspired twin pinion gear shaft design. First patented by Mercury for outboard racing back in the 1950s, the innovative design splits the torque load for a higher power capacity while maintaining a slim, surface piercing gearcase shape for maximum efficiency. The forged lower gears, designed to handle the higher torque of the 1650 engine, are larger and even more robust than those used in the world champion Six drive. Like the NXT1 or NXT6, the M8 is dry-sumped for maximum efficiency and power output.
  • The massive torque and power output of the new engine is transferred to the water via Mercury Racing's Pro Finish 5 & 6-blade CNC sterndrive propellers. The new props are designed with stamina for the 1650's massive torque and surface piercing impact.
  • Utilizing the Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor – the brain behind the engine's brawn – we achieved a seamless integration for optimal control. From the SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift to the Engine Guardian® System, Mercury Racing's “smart” technology presents a worry-free, intuitive on-water experience.

Carbon Fiber Kit

  • Optional carbon fiber turbo inlets are available for those who prefer style over the look of technology. Owners also have the option to customize the front cover with their boat builder logo.