Features :
Mark-5X DSIPresenting the new Mark DSI featuring remarkable Lowrance DownScan Imaging™ technology. You get the exclusive DSI performance advantages with the amazing affordability of a high-resolution, direct-sunlight-viewable Lowrance gray scale display.Features:High-detail 5 in./12.7 cm, 480×480 pixel, 16-level gray scale Film SuperTwist display Unique high-speed Skimmer® DSI transducer for 455/800 kHz imaging sounding.Exclusive Lowrance DownScan Imaging™ innovation displays crystal-clear photo-like views of the underwater worlds below the boat. No interpretation needed to see:Thermoclines Exposed: Clearly see the boundary layer between the lower cooler water and, upper warmer, oxygen-rich zone where fish areFish Truly Revealed: DSI imaging leaves nothing to the imagination, clearly showing predator fish and baitfish schools Bottoms Uncovered: You easily distinguish between hard and soft bottoms, as well as fish and structure on/near the bottom Structure Disclosed: With photo-like views you can recognize all manner of structure at a glance, like bridge pilings, laydowns, ledges, drop-offs, vegetation, wrecks; no interpretation needed